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Troye deleted this vine about an hour ago, but I managed to download it just before he did.

troye omg

I’m so happy bc of this

If someone ever asks me why I love Troye, I’m just gonna show them this video

STill absolutely perfect

My thoughts about forty minutes ago:

My good friend (whom I cannot name) is so beautiful. Her laugh, her smile, how she gets so nervous so easily, the way we can joke in the silliest ways, her gorgeous hair, the way her face lights up when she finds something funny or when something makes her happy…and don’t even get me started on how awesome her hugs are.

I replayed several memories I have from last school year in my head. Wow, I thought, that girl is really awesome. 

*sees picture of this girl* *feels as though a million butterflies have taken flight in my stomach and gets goosebumps on my arms*


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